Welcome Dave Depper and Nathan Junior

We here at Fruit Bats corporate HQ are quite pleased to welcome two new members, Dave Depper and Nathan Junior!

Both Dave and Nathan are multi-instrumentalist-type guys who have been kicking around the Portland music circuit for years. They also play together in a band called The Village Green, both wear glasses, and are both actual Oregonians.

Nathan (who is handling most of the lead guitar duties) is a native of Salem, has toured as a member of M. Ward’s band and Sea Wolf, and is also part of the dreamy acoustic duo Duover.

Dave (who’s playing lots of keys and some guitar) hails from Bend, and has been in so many bands that the Portland Mercury documented it, but for the sake of brevity we can mention that he’s toured with Jolie Holland, Mirah, Blue Giant, Loch Lomond, and many others. He also recently recorded a note-for-note cover of Paul McCartney’s “Ram” all by himself.

One week away from show numero uno. Look out, Spokane!